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What do customers say about A-INFO?


I do remember you and the products you sold to us. We use them every day and are quite pleased with them and their performance. 


---US Army Electronic Proving Grounds

We were able to test most of the parameters and have found that they match your specifications/test data very well. We have had experiences with other vendors in the past where the performance of the antenna did not meet the published specifications.


---A.H. Systems, Inc.

AINFO's products is very impressive, especially, the VSWR, outstanding.


---Rohde & Schwarz Germany 

I have already received the waveguide components. They have shown much promising results.


---Masterstudies AS

I have already received the coupler S-Band Circulator and Waveguide-to-N Adaptors (284WL+CN-30,284WL+CN-30,284WECAN). They have shown much promising results.


---Saboor Riaz Suleri

Thanks for the info. I was working with some AINFO antennas yesterday. For the first time: impressive.


---Carleton University@ Canada

Your omni antenna is very good product with a good price and a high specification. If I have a requirement on another project I would consider the AINFO PZ-850/P first. 



To be continued...