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Rectangular Waveguide Probes with Waveguide Interface, Equipped with Absorber

A-INFO's Open Ended WG Probes have been specifically designed for near-field measurement. The EWG series Open Ended Waveguide Probes are Linear Polarization and are covering the frequency range from 0.32 to 110GHz by using standard WG band. All probes have an option of integration with absorber for better gain flatness and radiation pattern.

Model Information      
Example Part Number:  42 EWG -A1

EIA Waveguide Size: WR42 to WR10


Product Code
EWG: for WG Output


Option for Absorber
A1: Standard Absorber


Open Ended Waveguide Probes Accessories  

1. Mounting Bracket 
2. Tripod
3. Carrying Case

                                                                                 Test report is for reference only.