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Spot-Focusing Lens Horn Antenna

The spot-focusing lens horn antenna uses phase correction to achieve excellent focusing performance with minimum antenna size, so that the beams converge at the designed focus to form a focal spot. It supports both linear and circular polarized waveforms, and the focal length and spot size can be customized. The spot-focusing lens horn antennas are especially useful when focusing beam is required with short focal length. When the focal spots of the two spot-focusing lens antennas are coincident, the transmission loss between the two antennas is minimal. Therefore, these antennas are widely used in the field of free-space method material characterization testing to study the microwave transmission and reflection properties of target substances.

Model Information          
Example Part Number:  LB-CLS -90 -10 -C -SF
Product Code      
Waveguide Size: WR90 - WR15      
Frequency & Gain Code      
Figure Type: 
-A:Waveguide Output 
-C:Coaxial Output.
Connector type below needs to be specified

Figure C Connector Type Option: 
7/16F=7/16 DIN Female; 
NF=N Type-Female; NM=N Type-Male; 
SF=SMA-Female; SM=SMA-Male;  
3.5F=3.5mm-Female; 3.5M=3.5mm-Male; 
KF=2.92mm-Female; KM=2.92mm-Male;
2.4F=2.4mm-Female; 2.4M=2.4mm-Male; 
1.85F=1.85mm-Female; 1.85M=1.85mm-Male
1.0F=1.0mm-Female; 1.0M=1.0mm-Male




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