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Lens Horn Antenna

Applications Include:

 MVDS(Multipoint Video Distribution Systems)  Point to Point Radio Links
 LMDS(Local Multipoint distribution services)  Vehicle Anti-collision Radars
 Traffic Control Systems  Traffic Tolling Systems
 Secure Communications Systems  Short Range Radar
 Electro-Magnetic Compatibility(EMC) Measurements  Radiation Monitoring Systems
 Compact/Mobile Systems   Dual Polarized Systems



 Models up to 112GHz  Linear, dual and circular polarization
 Optional protective membrane  Rectangular or circular feed
 Ideally suited for small and large quantities  Choice of mounting configurations
 Customization available  Choice of waveguide to coaxial adapter

Model Information          
Example Part Number:  LB-CL -112 -10 -C -SF
Product Code      
Waveguide Size: WR112 - WR10      
Frequency & Gain Code      
Figure Type: 
-A:Waveguide Output 
-C:Coaxial Output.
Connector type below needs to be specified

Figure C Connector Type Option: 
7/16F=7/16 DIN Female; 
NF=N Type-Female; NM=N Type-Male; 
SF=SMA-Female; SM=SMA-Male;  
3.5F=3.5mm-Female; 3.5M=3.5mm-Male; 
KF=2.92mm-Female; KM=2.92mm-Male;
2.4F=2.4mm-Female; 2.4M=2.4mm-Male; 
1.85F=1.85mm-Female; 1.85M=1.85mm-Male
1.0F=1.0mm-Female; 1.0M=1.0mm-Male