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159WHB-80-80-40 WR159 Radius Bend Waveguide H-Plane 4.9-7.05GHz with Two Rectangular Waveguide Interfaces


112WHB-50-50-25 WR112 Radius Bend Waveguide H-Plane 7.05-10GHz with Two Rectangular Waveguide Interfaces

137WHB-80-80-50 WR137 Radius Bend Waveguide H-Plane 5.85-8.2GHz with Two Rectangular Waveguide Interfaces

Quick Overview

WR137 Radius Bend Waveguide H-Plane Operating From 5.85 to 8.2GHz with Two Rectangular Waveguide Interfaces

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Radius bend waveguide H-Plane 137WHB-80-80-50, operating from 5.85 to 8.2GHz has a 0.1 dB insertion loss and low VSWR 1.10:1 . 137WHB-80-80-50 covers the WR137 full waveguide band and comes with two flanges FDP70(UDR70). It can handle 3000 W continuously and 1100 KW peak power. The A-INFO's radius bend waveguide is manufactured with a high precision machining process to ensure high quality and ruggedness. They are ideal for radar antenna systems, laboratory test set-ups, microwave radio, satellite communications, and other applications requiring low insertion loss, and low return loss. Additional lengths and different flange types may be available in stock, and please contact us to inquire further.

Technical Specification

Model 137WHB-80-80-50
Bend Type H-Plane
Bend Degree 90°
Waveguide Band C, X
Waveguide Type Rectangular
Waveguide Size EIA WR WR137
Circular Waveguide Size, (mm) 0
Circular Waveguide Size, (inch) 0
Frequency, Min (GHz) 5.85
Frequency, Max (GHz) 8.2
Arm 1 Length, (mm) 80
Arm 1 Length, (inch) 3.149
Arm 2 Length, (mm) 80
Arm 2 Length, (inch) 3.149
I.L., Typ 0
I.L., Max 0.1
VSWR, Typ 0
VSWR, Max 1.15:1
Flange 1 Style Rectangular
Flange 1 Type Cover
Flange 1 Designation FDP70(UDR70)
Flange 2 Style Rectangular
Flange 2 Type Cover
Flange 2 Designation FDP70(UDR70)
Power Handling, CW, (W) 3000
Power Handling, Peak, (KW) 1100
Operating Temp. Low (°C) -55
Operating Temp. High (°C) 85
Storage Temp. Low (°C) -60
Storage Temp. High (°C) 90
Body Material Al
Size, L (mm) 114.2
Size, W (mm) 114.2
Size, H (mm) 49.2
Weight, (kg) 0.16
Pressure Sealed Yes
Pressure, (psi) 30