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NL210819 - 【Newest】Broadband Horn Antenna 0.8-50GHz with 2.4mm Connector

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Product Update
August 19, 2021



> Frequency Range:

       2.4mm-F Output: 0.8-50 GHz

Gain: 12 dBi Typ. 

Linear Polarization

> VSWR: 1.5:1 Typ.

Optional Accessories, like Mounting Bracket,  

  Tripod, Radome, Cable, Carrying Case etc.


Antenna Gain Measurements

Communication Systems

5G Millimeter Measurements

EMI testing

> Radar Systems

> Other Applications


Broadband horn antenna LB-8500-2.4F, operating from 0.8 to 50GHz with a nominal 12dBi gain and low VSWR 1.5:1 with 2.4mm Female output connector. The model LB-8500-2.4F has uniform gain through its frequency span, providing efficient performance characteristics and directionality. It can handle 10W continuously and 20W peak power. Constructed of lightweight corrosion-resistant aluminum, the horn comes with a specially designed weatherproof radome which provides excellent protection against the rain and dust but has very little loss across the full operating frequency band. This broadband horn antenna is linearly polarized and ideally suited for EMI testing, direction finding, surveillance, antenna gain and pattern measurements and other applications.

More Antennas Coming Soon!

LB-5500-2.4F, 0.5-50GHz, 12dBi

LB-5400-2.4F/KF, 0.5-40GHz, 12dBi

LB-5300-2.4F/KF, 0.5-30GHz, 12dBi

*Patents approved for the products listed above.

For more information, please visit the product's website: 

Broadband Horn Antenna LB-8400 Series

Broadband Horn Antenna LB-8300 Series

Broadband Horn Antenna LB-8500 Series

Test Results:  LB-8500-2.4F

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5 6
Recommended Accessories


carrying case

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