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NL171213 - 【Special Recommendation】Omni-directional Broadband Antenna

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The BEST Innovation Forever

Product Update
Dec. 13th, 2017

Omni-directional Broadband Antenna


> Frequency : 200MHz - 6GHz  
> High Gain: up to 7 dBi    
> VSWR (typ.): < 2:1     
> Omni-directional
> Polarization: Vertical 
> Nominal impedance: 50 Ohm
Max. Input Power: 50 Watts
> RF-connector: N-Female   
> RoHs compliant 
> Far Field Calibration Data with Extra Fee   
> Optional Accessories, like Tripod, Cable, 
   Adapter, Amplifier, Filter, etc. 


> Radio Monitoring 
Omnidirectional Measurements 
> Field Strength Measurements 
UAV Surveillance and Countermeasure System 

For more information, please visit product website: Microstrip Array Antenna 


A-INFO introduces the new ultra-broadband OA-200-6000-0, a compact broadband omnidirectional antenna designed to measure field strength without the need to move the antenna to the source. The antenna covers a wide frequency range of 200MHz to 6GHz. The OA-200-6000-0 antenna allows a direct field strength reading useful for measurements of exposure limits. Unless it’s very compact size it reaches a very high gain of up to 7dBi. The frequency range covers the complete 2G/3G/4G cellular, 2,4GHz / 5GHz Wi-Fi, ISM 434, ISM 868 etc. and GPS / GNSS bands within its range.

The OA-200-6000-0 antenna fits perfectly to any Spectrum Analyzer and can also be used with any Oscilloscope or RF Meter. 




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Founded in 2000, A-INFO has three branch offices in Beijing ,Chengdu and USA. A-INFO designs and manufactures with high precision machining.

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Waveguide Components and RF MW Components

Application: EMC / EMI Testing, Radar, Telecom, Aviation, etc.

Quality Control System: ISO 9001: 2015 certified

Customers: NASA, SIMENS, NEC, NOKIA, R&S, Agilent, Intel, Stanford, Harvard, Oxford, etc.

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