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NL170829 - 【Newest】Broadband Antenna LB-60180-ENM Installed on nadar's EMI receiver model PMM 9180

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The BEST Innovation Forever

Product Update
Aug. 29th, 2017

Broadband Antenna


> Frequency: 6 to 18GHz   
> Low VSWR: 2.0:1 Max.    
> High Gain: 9-16 dBi    
> Antenna Factor :36-41dB/m   
> Excellent Gain Flatness  
> Full-band Pattern does Not Crack   
> Special Version For Outdoor Use with Radome &
  Special Painting Anti Dust, Water Proof

> Far Field Calibration Data with Extra Fee     
> Optional Accessories, like Tripod, Mounting Bracket ,
  Cable, Carrying Case etc.  


For more information, please visit product website: Broadband Horn Antenna


LB-60180 is a broadband, double-ridged horn antenna designed for radiated emissions and immunity applications. 

The N/SMA connector is mounted along the antenna axis, thus allowing for direct connection - without cable or adapters - to the 18 GHz EMI receiver which features full CISPR 16-1-1 compliance and internal preamplifier.

LB-60180 can be used in conjunction with any Receiver or Spectrum Analyzer. 

The LB-60180 series horn antennas have high gain, low cross pol. isolation, low VSWR and advantages of small size and light weight. 

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